Eddie Halliwell


While most DJs are slaving to produce a kick-ass, game-changing single, British trance DJ Eddie Halliwell hadn’t even released an original track (the hypnotic slow burner Neon) until late last year. But, despite that, he still managed to achieve the sort of stardom every DJ dreams of based on his compilation mixes and having a knack for lighting up a dancefloor with his trance and electronic selections.

After starting his DJ career in 2002, Halliwell made a name for himself spinning new trance, electro and techno tunes on BBC Radio 1 between 2006 and 2008. At the time, there were also regular requests for gigs at British superclubs like Gatecrasher and Cream. By late last year, Mixmag had nominated him in its ‘Greatest DJ of All Time’ list (topped by Tiësto, if you were wondering), as well as being voted in the top 20 for four consecutive years in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs poll. Not a bad track record if you ask us…

While Halliwell’s music, in our humble opinion, isn’t profoundly groundbreaking electronic dance music (it’s full-on trance in every sense of the genre), he’s maintained his popularity by honing in on what dance music lovers are yearning to hear. And, like much of the modern world, he is embracing the modern age with an ‘integrated technology’ DJing platform cleverly named ED-IT as well as a smartphone app which lets users stream his online radio shows live, with news, photos and behind-the-scenes footage. Check out the man himself when he spins a live set at the W Hotel this fortnight. It should have you in a trance...

James Kim and Andrea Yu

Catch Eddie's set at the W Hotel on Friday July 27. Tickets: hkticketing.com.



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