David Guetta


Before David Guetta – actually pronounced David ‘Getta’, in case you were wondering – took the world by storm, it was in his homeland, France, that the 45-year-old DJ started laying the foundations for an international career in electronic dance music.

Through the 90s, Guetta honed his craft, releasing his debut Just a Little More Love in 2002, and Guetta Blaster in 2004. The two albums were packed with so many hits that the Frenchman quickly became a sensation in the European club scene, with classic tracks like Love Don’t Let Me Go, Money, The World is Mine and Higher hailing from this period.
As Guetta’s vocal-heavy electronic music continued to shape – and was shaped by – the electronic dance music scene in Europe, the music industry on a whole began to take notice. By 2009, Guetta had garnered the attention of American hip-hop artists, whose collaborations on his fourth album, One Love (2009), would put the French DJ on the world map, never to look back. Featuring Rihanna on Who’s That Chick; Akon on Sexy Bitch; and Kelly Rowland on When Love Takes Over; the album brought Guetta to the top of both the UK and US charts with four of the record’s singles. To bring further validation, two years later, he found himself as the number one DJ on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list.

With his persona, popularity and – most importantly – style cemented in both the electronic, hip-hop and pop music scene, Guetta continues to share his uplifting melodies and explosive collaborations without any signs of stopping. Titanium by Sia? Sweat by Snoop Dogg? You guessed it: all on Guetta’s latest album. And, when he’s not spinning at Pacha, Ibiza or mixing his latest Fuck Me I’m Famous compilation album, we’re sure the superstar DJ is getting ready to blast his way into your eardrums once more. In Hong Kong, par exemple… Li Meng de Bakker 

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