Q&A: The House of Magic’s Kyle Knight and Mistie


Witness an extraordinary world of magic and wonder in The House of Magic at Studio City Macau. The specially designed show has just opened in our sister SAR and is set to be Asia’s new mecca of magic with performances from world-renowned magicians, including legendary illusionist Franz Harary. We sit down for a chat with magician Kyle Knight, with his wife Mistie, who grace the stage at The House of Magic this season. 

Hi Kyle and Mistie! Can you tell us a bit about how your career in magic began?
As a young boy, I read my first magic book at the age of 10 and was hooked ever since. By the time I was in high school I was building my own props and doing shows at schools and at parties, and throughout college I also worked at restaurants performing close-up magic. Upon graduating college, I moved to Las Vegas and began full time as an illusionist. Mistie and I have been performing together for the last 13 years, and it’s taken us all over the world, to over 77 different countries.

What keeps you inspired?
Everything! We’re always trying to create new magic, and you can find inspiration all around you in day-to-day life as long as you’re looking for it and you keep your imagination alive.  

Tell us something special about your performance at The House of Magic.
One thing that we try to do in all of our performances is let the audience get up close and be involved in the show. We believe that magic can be so much stronger when it’s right in front of your eyes – even in your hands – and our audiences have the chance to experience that with our show here at The House of Magic!

What’s it like working with Franz Harary?
Franz is a lot of fun to be around and he’s very creative, definitely a leader in the magic industry. Being able to become friends with him and work closely with him at The House of Magic has been a great experience. 

What’s the most difficult part of pulling off each and every magic trick? What has the biggest impact on your audience?
The most difficult thing about performing magic is being able to make something that has taken years to perfect, look effortless. You see, unlike other performing artists such as a singer or dancer where you can see and hear the amount of talent that goes into their art, so you can appreciate it, magic is different. If it’s done well, the audience is never aware of how much skill is involved in any particular magic effect. There are so many factors that go into performing magic – sleight of hand, misdirection, psychology and precision timing – and if performing properly, the audience will never be aware of any of those details. They’ll be only be amazed by the magic.

Of all of the magic we’ve performed over the years, the illusions that have the biggest impact on our audience are the ones that allow them up get up close. When performing our full illusion show we present a sawing in half that is done completely surrounded by the audience, and we’ve expanded on that idea for our opening routine at The House of Magic. We bring the magic off the stage and out in to the audience and perform it totally surrounded, making the magic happen right in front of their eyes. 

Can you share any of your magic secrets?
It wouldn't be a secret anymore if we told you! Honestly, the best place to learn more about magic is in books. Go to your public library and find a wealth of information and secrets that will make you appreciate magic even more.

The House of Magic Studio City Macau Estrada Flor de Lotus, Cotai, Macau. Tickets: $450 for general admission; available at studiocity-macau.com or call toll free 800 900 783. 


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