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In a league of its own, Studio Fitness is a gym with a difference, offering innovative training facilities in fine surroundings

A job half done is not worth starting. Many of us feign interest in getting fit, when it’s really too much of a hassle. Your fantasies of looking ripped become short-lived the moment you walk out of your nearby gym’s doors. However, Studio Fitness is not your average fitness centre and the staff here make sure the job gets done well.

Created by Justin Wills and Beau Stephenson, Studio Fitness brings you the most effective exercise regime around, constantly evolving and adapting to the best fitness techniques. The duo share a passion for fitness and this is apparent the moment you step in the door. The motto here is The Art of the Workout – and with meticulous attention to detail, this studio pretty much has fitness down to a fine art. The logo, a diamond, is the epitome of what Studio Fitness stands for – beauty and strength. Top quality and elegance in machinery and interior design combine with innovative fitness training exercises to help you achieve groundbreaking results like never before.

Studio Fitness founders Justin Wills (left) and Beau Stephenson (right)

The classes at Studio Fitness are designed for you to work at an optimum capacity. All of the workouts are time-based and it’s up to you how fast you go. The Get Ripped classes include muscular isolation while the Cut Fat classes incorporate boxing and Muay Thai to help you burn calories at the drop of a hat. The patented showpiece – Multiple Complexity Combination Training – incorporates elements from mixed martial arts, athletic conditioning, body- building, metabolic conditioning, cardiovascular endurance and weightlifting modalities, resulting in a perfect fusion between aerobic and anaerobic workouts. MCCT is a full-body workout where no two sessions are ever the same – this is gym innovation. Fitness like never before.

Studio Fitness also has a unique payment system which uses class credits as currency, and each credit counts for one class. The venue also has unlimited plans where you can train as much as you like within a certain period, during which you have access to the open gym for free training. Or take it pro with the personal training sessions. You also get a free credit upon registration for a trial visit. At Studio Fitness, the experts feel that exercise should be anything but mind-numbing and the gym boasts a club-like atmosphere complete with a bar to chill out in and socialise at.

With full diet advice, body tracking and workout programmes, the professionals at Studio Fitness have dedication that extends far beyond the studio. They help you break those initial oh-so-common walls of doubt and fear and have you reaching goals beyond your wildest dreams in no time. 

Studio Fitness 1/F, World-wide Commercial Bldg, 34 Wyndham St, Central,  9450 5600;; or email


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