Race to ICC-100


If you’re the type of person who waits to take the lift to the first floor – yes, we know who you are – avert your eyes now. The grand finale of the World Vertical Circuit is coming to our very own ICC on December 1. This is your chance to ascend 2,120 steps of Hong Kong’s tallest building. You’ll be heading skyward, from the eighth floor up to the Sky100 deck on the 100th floor – so you’re not quite at the top, but we think that’s probably high enough. 

The event features an elite field of building-ascenders, including Australian runner Suzy Walsham, who won the Empire State Building Run-Up earlier this year and German extreme athlete Thomas Dold, who holds world records for running backwards.

While not a run for the faint-hearted, the grand ascent should be worth it simply for the bragging rights. Funds raised go towards The Community Chest of Hong Kong, which supports child and youth services. And if you’re worried about over-exerting yourself, there are options for relay teams and a more leisurely ‘fun climb’, with rest areas on the way up. See verticalrunhk.com for more information or to get involved; you can sign up until November 15.

Race to ICC-100 – SHKP Vertical Run for the Chest with Sun Hung Kai Properties, 8/F, ICC, 1 Austin Rd W, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, 2721 7575; verticalrunhk.com. 9am. $300. 

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