The big thrills are here!


Ocean Park’s Thrill Mountain is noisy, bright and promises plenty of white-knuckle fun. Andrea Yu keeps her lunch down to brave the new rides...

Hair Raiser
This is a rollercoaster that lives up to its name. The first floorless coaster and currently the fastest in the city leaves you dangling mid-air as it whips around a track hugging the coastline. A camera captures your expression just as the ride goes over a massive hump which means your hair will be standing on end – a perfect shot for grandma’s mantle. The ride itself isn’t terribly long, and if anything leaves you wishing there were just another twist or turn around the corner.

Whirly Bird
Pretend like you’re flying in a light aircraft in this two-seater ride that’s little more than a glorified swing carousel. But you do rise up, up and away 32 metres above ground. A joystick in the middle allows you to adjust the wings of the ride to ‘climb’ or ‘dive’, but the actual control movement is minimal. Pity. We suggest you sit back, relax and enjoy the views.

Bumper Blasters
This might be your only chance to ‘drive’ a car in Hong Kong. No licence required! Strap in behind the wheel (or beside it, if you’re under eight years old) and vent out your road rage by ramming into your neighbours on all sides. Make sure you observe the traffic signals – otherwise you might just cause a pile up.

Rev Booster
While this ride may appear tame it spins much faster than expected. You’ll be whirled around forwards (then backwards) at increasing speeds that will leave you gripping the safety bar with white knuckles. You might feel a bit dizzy after being spun in a circle so many times, but it’ll provide sufficient thrills for tots who have just reached the height requirement.

The Flash
Palms will sweat at the sight of this pendulum ride that spins riders in a full circle over a 22m diameter. Hanging literally upside down above ground is a bit of a stomach hurler, but one that thrill-seekers will relish. As the ride is slower than the Hair Raiser, you’ll get some moments to enjoy the view over the South China Sea. That is... if you’re brave enough to keep your eyes open for long enough.

And there’s more…
Adding to the carnival theme, there are plenty of traditional fun fair games at the Challenge Zone. Test your aim by knocking over a stack of cans or tossing a ring over a bottle. If you still haven’t gotten the buzz out of your system from the five rides above, hop over to the Bungee Trampoline. Strap in and jump, somersault and spin in the air like a professional mentalist.



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