Q&A: The House of Magic’s Luis de Matos


Witness an extraordinary world of magic and wonder in The House of Magic at Studio City Macau. The specially designed show has just opened in our sister SAR and is set to be Asia’s new mecca of magic with performances from world-renowned magicians, including legendary illusionist Franz Harary. We sit down for a chat with Portuguese magician Luis de Matos as he joins The House of Magic at Studio City Macau.

Hi Luis! How did your career in magic get started?
Magic began as a hobby when I was nine-years-old. Once I finished university it became an alternative profession and later took control of my entire life. It’s still a real passion of mine. 

What keeps you constantly inspired?
Everything around me! Every art form is always a reinterpretation of what’s around us. Some do it in writing, some paint on canvas. As magicians, we challenge the imagination of each spectator. We make possible everything that common sense tells us is impossible or doesn’t exist. We prototype the future and the future is always evolving.

Can you tell us something about your performance at The House of Magic?
It’s intimate and it’s personal. You’ll get to see some creations that I usually share in big theatres for thousands of people. At The Majestic Theatre inside The House of Magic you’ll get to see them up close. The theatre is magnificent and seats only 150 people, which means that everyone gets a front row view.

How’s it been working with Franz Harary at The House of Magic?
I’ve been a fan and a friend of Franz for the last 21 years. It’s an honour and a pleasure to finally be working alongside him! The House of Magic is an extraordinary place where everyone gets a truly magical ride. Franz created the entire concept and his vision gained shape in a unique and fascinating way. It’s an unforgettable experience both for the spectators and us performers!

What’s the most difficult part of pulling off each and every magic trick? 
Magic tricks are simple. Creating wonder takes a bit more work; achieving a magic moment depends on the complicity of each spectator. At The House of Magic I share five of my personal creations. It’s difficult for me to choose a favourite. I make 300 fish appear, four cards morph in my hands, wet and mixed coloured sands separate, a torn newspaper becomes whole again and a microphone stand levitates and dances around me. Come see and pick your favorite…

Can you share any magic secrets with us?
Sure, come see us with the eyes of your imagination! That’s the only thing you need to have the best time of your life! If you trust us, we’ll share wonders and together live true moments of astonishment. Trust me!

The House of Magic Studio City Macau Estrada Flor de Lotus, Cotai, Macau. Tickets: $450 for general admission; available at studiocity-macau.com or call toll free 800 900 783. 


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