Win a Grouvly date with your friends plus a round of drinks worth $900!


Three-on-three dating comes to Asia! Get groovy with newly-launched service Grouvly! Enjoy a night out with your friends, with the fun of meeting new people in a relaxed atmosphere and the possibility of romance. What’s not to love?  

Billed as an exciting ‘social club’, Grouvly is an app that sets up a casual night of drinks between two groups – three girls and three guys, or two groups of the same sex if you’re gay. Grouvly then sends you all out to a top venue in Hong Kong for an easy-going night out that requires none of the pressure of one-on-one blind dating.

The process is simple – sign up online and you’ll be matched with another compatible person. Once you’re set, grab two of your best wing-friends and head on over to Grouvly’s designated venue, where you’ll meet the other group of three. The first round of drinks are pre-paid – to make sure everyone turns up – and the rest of the evening is up to you!

20 readers will win: A Grouvly night out for you and two friends plus a round of drinks, worth $900.

Q: How many friends do you need to bring along to a Grouvly date?


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